The Mission

Avanti tutta Onlus was founded in 2013 by Leonardo Cenci, a sport lover with the race in the heart, who has been fighting for over three years against the cancer.

The association’s slogan is: Fighting the cancer You can, You must!

As shown by the latest scientific studies, the cancer is increasingly being recognized as a treatable disease and this success can be attributed to the prevention, understood as the best ally to improve life’s quality of patients suffering from it.

This message that Leonardo Cenci is publicizing to give everyone hope, courage and optimism makes him and his association unique.

The mission of Avanti tutta Onlus is to give dignity to cancer patients, to promote sport in cancer treatment protocols as well as a healthy lifestyle and favor a campaign of Solidarity to buy medical supplies for the oncology department of Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital, in Perugia.

The association has so far donated more than 300,000 Euros in equipment and research scholarships  “because there is no cure without research,” as Leonardo claims.